Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dont Look Back In Anger part whatever (8)

Just in case those of you who think i am bleating a little hard about my poor victimised life and that its all me me me me me and exaggerating it, I will now copy the Wikipedia entry about it.

By the way, this is actually the polite version of it. Whoever the person in charge ( and despite the claim that the wiki is a peoples encyclopedia, there are people in charge )
is, they keep on watering it down!

In fact, the last set of edits now has the school song, which by the way sounds as bad as every other school song in Thailand!


BCC is noted as an excellent institution of learning and one of the top private schools in Bangkok. Unfortunately, its reputation with many foreign teachers is less than golden. In fact, despite its high salaries, it was singled out by TEFLWatch, a TEFL watchdog group, as a school to watch out for. "

By the way, if you are thinking the layout looks weird, its fine IN FIREFOX v2.0

Its just you LUDDITES that insist on using Internet Explorer!!!!


Alex Case said...

Well, you were right about the wikipedia entry changing...

TEFLtastic blog-

thaistory said...

I added your blog in my Thai EduBlogroll: Leave a comment if you’re interested in a link exchange.

Dave said...

what happened next?