Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Exams & Other Stuff

Well, got a phone call last night from one of the corporate jobs I was after.

Big multinational, looks good. Ish. Go in for the interview today having bought new trews - smart as anything they look. And yes I am wearing a belt with them ( Private joke ). Get to the interview and am given an english test. Right, without looking it up who can give me a sentence in the

simple present tense - easy isn't it.
simple future
simple past No problems !!
present perfect er ok
future perfect
past perfect
present progressive huh?!
present continuous
future perfect progressive
perfect progressive

Yeesh, that had me struggling. I can never remember all of them, never use all of them more importantly. As well as that proof reading, inserting the right preposition, suffix, prefix, describing what the most important things about teaching corporate english are ( I was tempted to say the fat wedge at the end of the month but resisted successfully), give the comparative and superlative forms of words. Ye gads it was worse than my English Higher all those years ago. 9 bloody pages of test!!!

The interview was a bit wild - unstructured and all over the place. Typically Thai I suppose. By the sounds of it, it will be half proofreading and being the pet native speaker and half doing in house training. Hmmm Need to see what sort of salary they offer, if they offer me the job. They were quite cagey about that, wanting to know what I am on and not saying what they would offer.

As well as that I splashed out on a new electric shaver last night, so I don't need to suffer the Jack the Ripper look each morning.

And speaking of tests, the little darlings continue on their merry way to destroying all hope and feeling of humanity I have towards them.

How are you? I say.
Nine years old, they say.


and again I say


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