Monday, January 31, 2005

The Start of Exams Weeks

Yes, I have got that right.

It is the start of exams weeks. We have three weeks to finish all our exams. I and some of the other teachers have started doing the speaking tests with the flashcards that have been provided.

Already my enthusiasm of asking "what are the differences?" "what is she doing?" has departed the scene by taking the first flight out of the country. I have 60 tests at one level to do and 80 of another. It looks like at the moment that the P3 test - of which there are 80 - may take 5 lessons to do, they are being incredibly slow so far. I am only getting 4 or 5 done in each lesson. Because the P2 test is so much easier I will have that finished in maybe two but definately 3 lessons ( 1 week ).

Its a bit of a joke. The P3 test has 2 cards and one of them is a little cartoon strip. In theory the kids are supposed to give me a story about the pictures. Fat chance. So far the results have not been encouraging. How are you I asked them to settle down. Monday replies one. DOH !!!!! I ended up giving a kid 3 marks just because he managed to walk from the class to the test area without falling over. It certainly wasn't because of any english ability he showed. Mind you, if he had been chewing gum at the same time, I am not sure if he could have got to the test area.

The behind the scenes politicking and manoeuvering is coming more and more to light and those who have been quietly offered jobs on the full time corporate side of things reveal their status. To be honest, that would be my preference as I think I said last week and as I did say to the senior FUD here but "he can only pass on wishes" BS.

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