Friday, September 03, 2004

Fridays Fun

And it was reasonably painless today, no real terrors except the last class who decided to act like a bunch of 2 year olds during the kings song. I really would like to know why they do it. Surely they dont do it in front of there parents? With some of these kids, who knows. Maybe they do!

As you can see or maybe not, I have added a little counter to see just how few people actually bother to come on here. Probably very very few. Even fewer than my web site. Never mind, this wasnt really intended for such a large audience anyway and was more of a self help cleanse the spirit and vent the spleen exercise.

The big fat yank has signed up for which is the main site for teachers in thailand under the name of "poolpisser" I wonder if he actually does that in fact as well as figuratively. As he certainly has pissed in this teachers pool and a few others in the staff room. I think its fair to say he defeinately has pissed off more than a few. I am tempted to create a new persona and haunt him on there but its just not worth the extra effort and time and no doubt I would get found out anyway.

But talking of and the discussion board I have been spending a lot of time reading in disbelief about one poster who thinks that it is his sacred duty to slag off all TEFLers, thailand and anyone who disagrees with him. Its quite funny and sad at the same time. Read this interview with him last year. The sad thing is some of the stuff he talks about just about makes sense but is lost in the other 98% absolute drivel, hatred and self lothing that he spouts. See what you think. He is now called Smyth.

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