Thursday, September 02, 2004

Terminally Ill Thursday part 2

Well, what else can I say? Its got to the stage where every teacher in my group is tearing their hair out or going grey or both. And I cant really blame them.

Again, I really believe a lot of it is down to who taught them last year and those 3 fuckwit teachers who didnt give a toss but were more interested in having an easy life and showing movies at least one period every week for the semester are to blame. Can I prove it? No. But then when you can pick a kid out by his behaviour and correctly name the previous teacher 90% of the time then something has to be wrong.

As the semester has gone on, I have become less and less tolerant both towards other teachers and the students. I suppose I aught to apologise at some point but thats not really in my nature - more of a forget and move on person me. It really tells me a couple of things, I need a break and a change of environment either temporarily or permanently or a change of level. I dont think a change of level will be possible next semester as 2 teachers from my current group are leaving for pastures new outside Thailand and no doubt the boss will go " I dont want any more changes..."

Will see what happens.

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