Monday, March 14, 2005

Almost Free

The days continue to drag as we sit around the office wasting time and waiting for release from the misery.

The agency is being quite sneaky in their attempts to get us to do “make work”. The FUD comes into the room and says the corporate manager is wanting to have a meeting to discuss work. It was phrased in such a way to suggest that it would be work next year. Of course, the more suspicious were saying that it would be not real work but more make work. The key test would be if the boss appeared with lots of papers in his hands.

The meeting starts and the boss has lots of papers and sure enough, that meant make work. He basically wants us to create a new 40 hour course with materials. Not only that we were to give a 1 hour lesson to the other members of staff!! Why we would have to deliver a sample lesson I am not too sure. A couple of people are going to do the silent rebel bit and appear to do something but in the end do nothing. Other tasks that have been invented are laminating worksheets, cataloging text books in the library, organising and putting into binders the worksheets that were taken out of binders when we moved etc etc.

Through the week the boundaries were being gently stretched or in one case being stretched to it's upmost and today was the same. A couple of people basically turned up and then disappeared about 10ish. The FUD then gave them a phone call to find out just where they were and to make a reappearance promptly.

Apparently he has been getting stick from the MD of the agency and Dracula or King of the Undead or The Corpse, well you get the idea. We are not absolutely sure just what title he has but it's something along the lines of Operations Manager, which essentially means he is No3 or 2 in the business.

This is the twat that supposedly suggested in meetings that we should be forced to sit around in the office doing sod all until the end of contract because “that is what we are paid for”. The thought of us getting paid holidays is appalling him. It's almost as though the money we are being paid is coming directly out of his personal pocket. Which is quite interesting, because according to rumour, he is loaded. Old money i.e. landed gentry. No title but supposedly he has a large income from very expensive London property. He actually talks like an old fashioned toff and a perfect gentleman but he is actually quite a back stabbing, two faced twat. Which is probably why he fits in so well there.

The job hunt continues. Which unfortunately means I am going to have to give up my visa as the school is going to cancel it on March 31. This means I need to reapply for one. I suppose it won't matter that much if the consulate is as relaxed as the last time I was there but its extra money I didnt want to spend and just another added complication.


EFL Geek said...

Good luck with the job hunt.

Anonymous said...

And keep writing. This is one of the most interesting local blogs around.