Friday, March 04, 2005

End of Bangkok Schools Days

And so it ends.

Not with a bang but a whimper and a soft one at that. We walked out of school today never to return again. Not one of the 20 teachers has been offered a job by the incoming administration and it seems not one of the teachers has been offered a job by the agency.

Of course the FUD & little FUD have jobs with the agency. They made damm sure of that, but us? Nah, we are little people, small insignificant little cogs that can be changed and replaced at any time without thought or planning.

It seems that the schools they do have contracts for are small ones with one or two teachers and some are in Nothaburi, Thonburi etc at 30K a month. Nah, not for me. I don’t really want to move out of Bangkok itself. As the FUD admitted himself, at that level of pay they are looking for unqualified teachers who don’t know any better or who cant get anything better. Sums up the whole attitude of the system here in many ways. They want the system to improve but don’t want to pay the money to get proper teachers.

By 10.00am today already half the teachers had gone home and the remainder straggled out until … no idea. I wasn’t the last to depart by any means so it could have been 11am or 12pm or 1pm.

It is going to be interesting to see what they are going to do with us over the next two weeks. Supposedly there is a welcome meeting for us at 8am on Monday in the agency head office. A welcome meeting?!?! Why?? To welcome us to the last two pathetic weeks of make work? Apparently the teams and assignments for the work has already been made up and all will be revealed on Monday. And no slacking off early! We might be allowed like 90 minutes for lunch but it's going to be 8 til 4 every day. Yeh right. Where’s my sarcasm smiley?

Another wonderful suggestion surfaced today. The agency is running a summer camp in the office so if anyone wants to teach 9 til 12 they can then leave for the day. Whooooo!! Yes lets teach a bunch of uninterested kids 3 hours a day UNPAID just so that we can leave at midday.

I think not part 2.

The job hunt continues with no further news.

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