Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Report Dozezzzzzzzz

Marking Dozezzzzzzzzz Again

Due to difficulties in uploading this is a few days posts put together.

The days are really dragging with all the marking finished and only 20 report cards still to mark. My forecast of the amount of time spent in the office is proving to be about right with the vast majority disappearing before lunchtime and not coming back.

So far nothing else has been mentioned about the portfolios for the next two weeks in the head office for. Lets wait and see if that is quietly dropped.

As far as jobs go, it seems that the dangling carrot of being offered new schools by the agency was just an imaginary one. The FUD spoke to someone yesterday and basically said along the lines of start looking for a new job. Of course he couldn’t quite say that as that would be straightforward and clear. He came out with a ramble along the lines of “well, I can’t promise anything but if you are comfortable waiting then wait for us to offer something to you, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that then maybe it would be better for you to think about doing something on your own. Yeesh, talk about using 20 words when 3 will do. I wonder sometimes if he is a relative of the poster machengzi on :)

To give you an example of what a prat our FUD is, we had a group photograph sprung on us yesterday. Unfortunately I had an interview to go to – using common sense I have arranged all my interviews in the afternoons. So I tell the FUD I am not going to be there and he gives it a considered hmmm, hummm, ahhhhhh, well I suppose if you have an interview, I suppose well hmmm, alright. ???? he tells one guy to look around and then later he tells someone that when they are going for an interview. Unbelievable.

I was speaking to someone on Monday night who basically said I was in fact very lucky for being paid to sit around doing nothing. In a way I suppose they are right but this is dead time, it's wasted time. I would love to have some proper training, I really would. Not just some ramshackle thing cobbled together and delivered by some numbskull that they have dragged in from the office or by the FUD but real teacher training that I would get some benefit from. But that won’t happen, that would cost money!

Today I finished the final report card and whoops by about 10.00 almost everyone was away home. I overheard someone saying that next week we would actually have to stay the full day because we would be in the head office of teh agency. Hmmm. I think not somehow. Where will they put us all? Errr the staff room isnt big enough. Will they put us in a classroom. Maybe but again then why do they insist on us wearing shirts and ties when at the weekend they dont insist on teachers wearing a shirt and tie. Who knows. Probably the usuall power and control attempts.

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