Thursday, July 22, 2004

Catchup Thursday

Good Grief.  Its is really that long since I did a post.  Well it must be.
OK, so where were we.  Exams.  Yup, this week we are doing the mid term exams and so far it seems to be going pretty well with the usual surprises from the kid at the back that you thought was dummer than a five inch nail but turns out to have been listening all the time or gets tuition elsewhere or both, disappointments who the usually smart kid who ended up just writing his name on the paper ( in Thai ) and suspicions confirmed about the dumb and the smart.

We use the Get Set Go colelction of books and there are some burning questions that have to be asked.

What sex is Echo ( a parrot ) and Tabby ( a cat )?    The reason for asking is that we use the test out of the back of the teachers book and there are questions about them  ie what is Tabby doing.  So how should it be marked?  He is ..?  She is ....?  It is...?     We should be told!  and more importantly so should the kids, after all if they told what chance have they when they are asked.

Ok.  Now to some actual WRITTEN answers from the Prathom 2 & 3s.

These are as well as the usual mistakes of spelling two as tow and so on.

Q What's your name?    ( right at the start of the paper, no marks but you would think a good saef question to start with)

A I am fine.

Q What does Adam want?  ( along side is a picture of the characters and various food)

A monerth

Q What does Tabby want?

A eetnges

Q What's Isabel doing?  ( again with a picture alonside of activities)

A She's rape    ( er... I think/hope he means rope.  actually skipping is the right answer )

Q What are Helen and Sally doing?

A They are balling   ( eeek!!  I hope that isnt American English he is using.  They are playing volleyball )

Q What is Sam doing

A He is a basketball. ( well, at least he sort of has the right idea)

I suppose today, I am now a real Prathom teacher.  I have lost my cherry.  Its gone.  I have finally had a kid piss himself in class. 

Unfortunately, it happened right at the end of the class during the prayers.  He was right infront of me and suddenly started bouncing up and down and tried to tell me something but I couldnt really hear him because of the prayers.  I asked him to be quiet as it would only be another minute untilt he end of them and then it would be the end of the lesson and he could do whatever he wanted.  The bouncing increased in rapidity and even teh other kids could notice it and were laughing and then one kid pointed to him and said potchee in other words this boy needed to go to the toilet. 

Now unfortunately, I have observed various states of need and what this boy was doing to my eye was of the lets make a scene and pretend I really need to go by pretending and holding my trousers at the appropriate point.  Since he needed to hold on another 45 seconds I just thought it was funny but then little drops started to appear and then the puiddle formed.  Oh dear.  Needless to say, his classmates had absolutely no sympathy and were....ahem.... taking the piss.

As soon as the prayers ended ( 30 seconds too late for him ) I shoved him out the door with his wet trousers since I am not their nanny and have no intention of or want to do any sort of clearing up after that.  I hope the cleaners come intot he room today as if they dont, tomorrow will stink to high heaven.  I couldnt see them after the bell to ask them to clean up, typical.  

You might think I was a bastard for not letting him go but as it was during the prayers we are under strict instructions from the school not to let them move during the prayers never mind let them out of the classroom. 

Thats all for now, but tomorrow the mystery that is know as "Desk Creep" 

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