Friday, July 09, 2004

Thursdays' Tales

Well the Project manager after saying we definitely had next week off is still going on that it may be cancelled. PRAT. No one else in the school is aware of anything but the school being closed. I mean, we are at the bottom of the information food chain but we know something the rest of the school doesn't? As if!

Got observed today by the curriculum honcho, and it turns out it was an informal observation. What the hell is that? Informal? Feck knows when I get a formal one then. To show just how professional he is, we had to move 3 times for the post interview because he hadn't bothered to book a room or check if any were free. Prat. Then he says because it was informal I didn't need to get feedack if I didn't want to. HUH?! That's the whole point of observations, to get the pigging feedback. Anyway, as well as that he was asking about the company in general and personal development and really I just rambled on in that non inflammatory way and waffled a few key buzz words that made it appear I was actually listening to what he was saying and that I was taking it very seriously indeed. I really would do, if the agency was actually going to do something about their own professionalism and raise their own standards.

Anyhoo. Had another class stand in the dark for 50 minutes with no aircon because they wouldn't shut up for more than 1 second. Ah well.

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