Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tuneful Tuesday

Why tuneful? Well, because up by our classrooms there are also music rooms and sometimes they give it full blast on the volume score. As well as that sometimes the teachers lets the kids go out into the corridor and let them ractise there witht heir flutes and recorders and whatver else they can carry.

The other problem is that when we aren't there, the kids come into our rooms an practice. If they left the rooms the same way as they found them it would be all riht but they don't, they have got very bad habits of leaving chairs and desks all over the place, going into the drawers in the teachers desks and rubbing stuff out from the whiteboard. FECKERS!!! If I ever catch them I am going to lynch the swine before taking them to the head of year.

At the moment, we are going through teacher observations - supposedly as professional development - but in reality as a paper pushing exercise. The curriculum manager guy from the head office is also doing some. Unfortunately, as he has never taught in Thailand, most of his "suggestions' are truly worthless. They come straight out the delta training manual. Lets do pairwork and free conversation work with Prathom 1 & 2s. Hmmm. No way man. My lessons wasn't that good as for some reason the kids were more noisy than normal. I would usually expect the other way round. Because of that it was a bit flat but then again maybe he saw what its really like to teach.

Back to planning where to go for next weeks holiday :)

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