Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Tuneful Tuesday

Ok, so much for Fridays blog.  The pub just came a calling and I had to answer :)

Here we are, the exams are now finished and we are sitting in the staffroom marking the papers and writing the report cards.    This is a part of the job which is in a way so good but at the same dull so  dulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  Sorry, fell asleep there.

All these reports you have to be so positive about the little darlings, I wonder what would really happen if I said what I really thought.  Instead of Somchai works hard and in class and is always practising his verbal communication.  It would be Somchai should stop trying to draw pictures of castles, spacemen and footballers and try to shut the feck up every once and while and actually speak English.

Now for the phenomemon called Desk Creep.  There you are at the start of the lesson.  All the desks are in perfect alignment and you have about 5 feet of space to work with and move around in at the front.  By the end of the lesson, you can guarantee thats its all gone and you are pinned at the front with all the space at the back of the room.

This, I believe is down to that strange thing called desk creep.  Its all down to the way the kids sit down and then work at their desks.  When they sit down, they dont actually pull the chair back and sit down and then adjust the chair to the perfect position.  What they do is push the desk forward until its too far, then they pull the chair forward and so on and so on.  Its always the desk thats moved not the chair!!

Well, despite a 2nd attempt to stop us going on holiday the Project Manager confirmed this morning what everyone else already know.  We are on holiday on Monday for one of the upcoming Bhudda days.  Shame we have a cultural awareness seminar on the other one eh! 


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