Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Windy Wednesday

For some reason one of the kids today just wouldn't stop farting in class. It became pretty obvious very quickly who it was and the kids round him kept on yelling out about it. Fortunately, my desk was at the opposite end of the room from him so I avoided it all. HEE HEE!

But my last class of the day were just total pains in the butt. Just would not shut up. Even when I had them standing for 5 minutes, they wouldn't shut up, I ended up drawing 2 faces on the whiteboard, one talking and one not with the equation talking = no air con = standing = no lights and no talking = air con = lights = sitting. And they still didn't shut up, so the lights were off, air con off and they stood the whole 50 minutes. By the end it was quite like a sauna and even I was sweating just sitting down.



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As I stated earlier Interesting. Am not going to remain annonymous in reality though DSHORTWAVE PITTSBURG , KANSAS U.S.A.