Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Woeful Wednedsay

Dear lord this is so dulllll.  Sitting in the staffroom writing all these reports.  I think I will try sometime to do a definitive list of comments we would all like to put.
Here is a start
Be positive           I am positive you are stupid
Be apologetic       I am sorry you are stupid
Be definite            You definitely are stupid
I will add them in here as I come across good ones or think of them.
Although we are supposed to be here the full working day doing markign and the like, folk from yesterday were already disappearing at 10.00.  Or maybe the were just working in their rooms.  Hmmmm
OK, time for a character assassination - Scruffy Doo
At heart, this guy is alright but he can be so totally empty of common sense at at times its unreal. He is quite a young guy mid 20s but to look at him sometimes you wouldn't know he has any Baht to rub together.  holes in his shoes etc.  He came in onetime last year on a Friday before
a long weekend with some of the thin plastic shopping bags you get from Tops or Lotus Tesco and we asked if it was his laundry.  No it wasn't he replied, these are the clothes I am taking on holiday.  He said he didn't have anything else to carry them in to Ko Chang or Samet or wherever it was he was going !
It has to be said that he is not the strongest willed of people so someone with a strong personality can totally take him over.  As is now the case, he is now under the spell of the big fat yank and wont hear a word against him.  SFX cinema has nothing on showing movies compared to these two.
If you go to Bobbys Arms, you will know Scruffy or more probably heard him.   CCCHHHHUUUUUUNNNNNNNNE!
If you talk to him for a while and ask questions, you gradually that there is most definitely something somewhere wrong,  the same question sometimes gets a different answer.  He does seem to be one unhappy person - the number of times he has been seen by various people out drinking totally smashed on his own raises doubts - but he doesn't really let anyone in close enough to help him.
Enough, enough.  I have spent most of the day winding up some prat on ajarn who if he had actually posted in a slightly different way might have got a good discussion going.  The way its gone, its turning into him against the world.  C'est la vie.

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