Friday, August 13, 2004

Fridays Fits

On Wednesday we had a ceremony for the Queens birthday and we were all supposed to go down for it. As it turned out, I was sort of in another place ( mentally ) when the very muted request came to go down - result, I missed it. It has to be said the first one ever in 3 years. At the end of the day, the project manager asked me into the office for a little chat and told me off for not going. I sat there and just said yes, ok etc I couldn't really see the point of arguing the toss. But the thing was, who told him, because he wasn't there in the morning. Hmm, could it be, our friend the equally spineless and now appears to be the totally backstabbing untrustworthy Assistant project manager who told him? Probably. This is the guy who will talk to you and say the PM is a tosser, totally incompetent and then you agree and say similar things then when the PM comes in, he runs over and tells him what you said!

Today, we had another ceremony for Virgin Mary and we had to present flowers to the idol on stage. What a waste of time. Its the same every time, lets get the farang out to parade in view of the parents and not take any eral part of the school. Jokeville, Arizona.

On the subject of the gatherings, you can guarantee that within 5 minutes of it starting, the casualties will start. The ones who basically feel ill or piss themselves or whatever. I counted after 15 minutes, 6 being lead away, two going off by themselves, one actually being carried out because he was unconscious and 2 with the first gagging signs of vomiting and one actually vomiting. To be fair, the courtyard area we hold the ceremonies on is quite nice in the mornings if you are on your own but when they put the best part of 2000 kids in their it becomes very hot and uncomfortable and unless you are on the outside, no breath of fresh air at all. Add to that the diet of orangeade, cola and whatever crap the have been eating before school adds up to a guaranteed nausea situation.

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