Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wicked Wednesday

Well, we are now back teaching after the joyful weekend that was the start of Bhuddist Lent.

And in true incompetant arrangements, what did we do on Saturday? Thats right we had a Cultural Awareness Seminar. Yup, they arranged one on a Bhudda day. DOH!

And it was all very basic about status as teachers and how we shouldnt dress down and we have to be smart all the time etc etc. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ But it was livened up by the presense of 4 female teachers and one in particular who when the subject had been broached and was asked if she had any questions produced a 3 minute speech. We then split into groups male and female to discuss this point.

As I was sitting fairly close to the female group I could semi listen in. It was hilarious. We are invisible, no one wants to talk to us, thai women look down on us because we are competition. Er no, thai women look down on you because you are wearing no bra, a low cut top, a mini skirt and are about 30kg too big to be wearing an outfit like that. ( well, not her specifically ) Dress respectfully and you will be given respect. How many thai women when bending down to pick something up will try and close their blouse to stop anything ( as in bra/cleavage ) being seen? Quite a few. how many falang women will do that, not too many.

They also complained that they are all strong women for coming out here and yadadada..... One in particular was the sort of woman who talks at you you rather than to you. At home, if you smile at a woman its a look of horror, what do you want etc etc that you get back. Here you usually get a smile back. A friend was in his local bar on Saturday night and was with another couple of guys and some female tourists were at another table talking to the manager. They walked over to talk to the girls and the manager and got instantly shut out with a "why are you talking to us attitude" from the girls. And they wonder why white guys dont want to speak to them anymore.

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