Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tearful Tuesday

Today is a relatively quiet day for me, teaching the first two periods and then the last one, which gives me a great big hole to fill during the middle of the day. Sometimes this is quite handy if I am not feelign well or am just hungover, go home for a couple of hours kip and then come back refreshed for the last one. Would prefer it the other way around but c'est la vie.

I splashed out last week and bought a DVD player. So have spent a lot of time watchig movies, which is a good and bad thing as it stops me from getting out and about at the weekends and stops me doing other things like updating the web site and writing or phoning people.

I have a confession. I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. What can I say, I am outed. I know its a bit gay but its reasonably tongue in cheek and doesn't take itself too seriously unlike some other american tv stuff so boo sucks to you if you don't like it. I am going through the dilemma of what to buy. Do I buy the trashy american blockbusters that will gladly fill in a rainy afternoon when too much thought isn't required or do i buy the classic films that require concentration and kudos to ones collection? Decisions, decisions.

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