Thursday, August 19, 2004

Thursdays Tales

OK, finished another day but still feeling awful fromt his cold thing I have, so it was another workbook catch up day or copy this into your books and shut up day depending on the class. Its extremely lazy and bad form but I just wasnt feeling up to anything else.

Rumours are flying around that we are no longer allowed to raise our voices to the students anymore, either inside or outside the classrooms. I am defeinately do it less than last year outside the classroom but maybe as much inside. I dont like doing it, but when you have 20 kids all talking, it can be very effective. No doubt this will be officially confirmed in the office meeting tomorrow along with what holidays we will be having in October- I wont hold my breath though. About the holidays I mean.

It really is pathetic, they will no doubt use the usual tactics of blaming the school and telling us at the start of October we have 7 days off at the end of the month but have to come into the office for 3 weeks to sit around doing sod all. 7 freaking days of holiday at less than 3 weeks notice - thats really useful for people trying to get back home to America or Canada or the UK. NOT!

I dont see the point of spending a full day travelling to suffer jet lag to have to travel back 5 days later to be on time to start school again and suffer jet lag.

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