Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tuesdays Terrors

OK, another batch of lessons done and here we go with another rant. Well, Ok, not so much a rant but a tantrum, er no, more of a whinge really.

During the breaks I am finding that a lot of times kids have been coming into the rooms we teach in and basically re-arranging everything, go into the drawers in the teachers desk, drawing on the whiteboard and generally stealing stuff. Not big stuff, but markers, rulers etc that were in my desk. Now ok, you might say I shouldn't be leaving stuff in there but why shouldn't I? I really don't want to have to carry everything around with me all the time. Bugger that for a laugh. One of these days, I am going to go up during a break and catch the little sods at it and give them hell. ( I wish )

back to rant mode, last week the fat yank was asking about these little tin flipper things that are all the rage witht he kids - they have cartoon characters on them and they basically play some conquering game about how it bounces or not with the winner keeping the losing lids. Anyway, I said I had some on my shelf, another guy gets them and brings them to the FY who then plays with them in his hands like a deck of cards for the next hour and then buggers off with them never to return them! What a tosser. Its not that big a deal that its a monetary loss as they were confiscated from kids in the class anyway, but I was giving them back out as rewards. In a way I would like to ask him what he's done with them to get them back but the less I speak to him the better as far as I am concerned.

One of these days, I am going to brighten up this drab blog with a picture or two. Unfortunately, the software Google uses to post pictures, doesn't work behind the firewall at work which means doing it at home over a chronicly bad telephone line. So it may be a while.

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