Monday, August 09, 2004

Moody Monday & Covers

Well, here we are back at work again after a lazy weekend and Friday. Well, to be honest it was lazy as I was actually ill and didnt really have the energy to do anything.

Which sort of leads into the topic of todays little rant. Doing covers for other teachers not there for one reason or another ie illness or meetings or .... Some teachers do take this quite seriously and actually try to teach, some take worksheets in and let the kids do them and some just go in and show a video for the whole period. Now, being honest, I really like the easy life and take the path of least resistance but when it comes to doing covers I do get that little pang of guilt and end up trying to teach them something. It may not be what the original teacher wanted but somethign all the same. Which brings me to my classes I missed on Friday and it seems like all of them actually had teachers that used the book and taught them something - halleluyaaah! We have more than one person here whose idea of doing covers, it to arrive at the class 10 minutes late, let the kids out 10 minutes early and show them a video while they sit in the corner of the room and watch the video with them.

And talking of videos, at the end of our exams we all really decided to give the kids a treat and show them one ( hopefully the first of the year). We have quite a well stocked video resource room in the school and one of our teachers went down for hte first time. She asked what to get and show the kids ( 7,8,9 year olds ) and one of the titles suggested was Kiss Of The Dragon. The one with Bridget Fonda and Jet Li where she is a prostitute in Paris and he is a Chinese uncover cop and they both go on the run from crooked French police. So lots of guns, violence and explosions. I have no idea if the Thai teacher knew what was in the film but back in the UK it was classed as an "18" in other words, no one under 18 was allowed to see it in the movies and they give it out to Prathom 3. Unreal.

We sometimes joke that most of the films are in the library for the teachers and not the kids given the content ( a lot of "12"s, "15" and a couple of "18"s. But after that comment, maybe its not, maybe they are all for the kids.

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