Wednesday, January 05, 2005

2005 and beyond.

Well, happy new year to everyone and I hope it was a good one.

Thailand and Bangkok obviously had quite a quiet one with many bars being quieter than normal and especially the streets as well. It seemed that a lot of people did what the government suggested and just stayed home to see in the new year.

And the new year brings in, for me at least, not a lot of change except the wallet lightened and the waistline expanded. ( why is it never the other way around? )

I had intended to write a mock obituary of an ex college Mr Slabby McSlab who recently departed our scene but obviously in light of other events, it isnt going to happen for a while.

The first day back was as subdued as could be expected from a bunch of teachers who know there isnt much point putting effort in with the kids going beserk, the exams coming up at the end of February, the contract ending and that they will be home or in a new job in a couple of months.

Anyway, chin chin, and dont let the bastards grind you down. ( geddit? grind? Daily TEFL Grin.... oh forget it, good night :) )

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