Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Business As Usual

After all the excitement fo the last few days, its returned to normal or at least as normal as it ever gets in this lunatic asylum.

We had a staff meeting on Friday to discuss a few things and as always, nothing was really concrete. We will all at some point have a chat to discuss future opportunities - when we dont know, but it will be soon. Too be fair, the agency is in a bit of a pickle. They could still be trying to get schools to sign up for next year so at the moment they have nothing confirmed. Or they know exactly what they have - nothing and are too scared to tell everyone. Its probably somewhere in the middle.

But the search for jobs on http://www.ajarn.com/Jobs/index.php continues. I sent away a couple of applications today. But the trouble is not many places look for staff just now. Quite a few leave it until the last minute. The ones that do tend to be the better schools who want a US / UK teaching degree. Not just a TESOL which is a problem for me as I have a degree and TESOL not a teaching degree. However, I am just gong to send off applications anyway and the worst that can happen is the dont reply.

Anyway, again the topic of Visas came up - we will be given plenty of time to get a new job before the agency cancells the Visa and Work Permit of someone leaving next year. Hmm, little bit cynical about this one but will wait and see.

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