Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thai Kids and Little Birds

Watching some of the little ones ( and not so little ones - some of them are bigger than me in both height and weight which is a scary thing for a 12 year old!! ) at lunch today I was trying to think what they look like.

Then it struck me. Little birds still in the nest, waiting for the mothers or canteen staff or whoever to drop the next batch of food down their mouths. Sometimes when you go through the playground in the morning you see kids of 10, 11 years of age being hand fed by teh mothers. Come on ! Have the mothers nothing else to do? Hmm Probably not.

Even in the canteen they seem incapable of waiting more than 1 seconds for the little ( usually susgar infested ) treat. I have seen them literally shove others out the wave to get served. The way they treat the staff is not far short of the way they treat us teachers - with little or no respect. I saw one kid in particular throw a tantrum because there were 4 other kids in the scrum by the server and he didnt get his food fast enough. One other I actually saw go round the back of the counter again because he wasnt served fast enough. Other regularly pull at aprons, arms, legs anything to get the food quicker.

I hold my hat off to the canteen staff I really do. Unfortunately, they are probably of the impressions that they deserve that treatment as they dont have the social standing / face that the kids do with the mums and dads BMWs and Mercs. If I were there I might just slip into the urban myth of the McDonalds employee who, when he gets treated badly gobs on the burger before selling it.

And on that cheery note - I hope you arent eating - goodnight and be nice to anyone that gives you food! :)

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