Thursday, January 27, 2005

New Teachers

Today was just another boring day trying to get the kids to behave and do mock listening tests with the same results as before. Ho Hum.

The last lesson I spent 30 minutes waiting for the class to line up properly, stop playing and stop talking, finally they almost managed it but I had wasted too much of my patience to try anything so I just got them to be quiet and put their heads down on the desk for the rest of the period. At least it gave me a chance to sit down.

We have a new teacher here for the rest of the very short year and well, its just as well its a short year. He is already causing problems with the way he takes the kids to and from class. He just lets them run riot, running ahead into other class group, then when he lets them out he just opens the door and lets them loos to create havoc on the rest of the world. Then again, he is covering the class on the gay yank who had similar problems getting control. So it might not be his fault entirely but he is not helping matters. Earlier in the week he used someone elses classroom and by all accounts the place was a complete and utter shambles with worksheets that had been stored in cupboards, desks were all over the place and so on.

Ah well, only teaching/exam 3 weeks to go.

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