Friday, January 21, 2005

It's that end of term feeling

The closer and closer we get to the end of term, the more and more energy is being sucked out of us.

Or at least that's what it feels and looks like. People who started off being all bouncy and full of energy and ideas and idealistic and were change the world are now "oh feck, do I have to teach those creeps again?" And those who started off cynical and got, well, even worse.

It's one of those things that annoys me when I speak to people back home - "oh you're an english teacher are you? That must have been fun, playing games. Wish I didn't have a proper job either" ???? Proper job, WTF???? And I go on to give them a piece of my mind about if they think it is easy then why dont they try it etc etc and you can see the expression on their face change to "oh, he's lost it again!"

I am sure that when I go back home and start applying for jobs, I will be asked what I did and be told the same thing. Its easy, its not a proper job etc. If I have the guts I will turn round and say something like "well, if you werent treating it like a proper job then no wonder you feel that way" or "You cant have been actually teaching then" Assuming of course they have done it themselves.

Sometimes, of course, it does feel that I am not teaching, just maintaining crowd control. Especially when the little darlings decide to play up during the Kings Song at the end of the day. Oh, I just wish one time I had a video camera to catch them at it so I could show the thai teachers and parents that little Somchai is not the imagined angel and is in fact one of Satans special little helpers.

Ah well, its the weekend. So two days of not worrying and only 1 more week of real teaching to go until the exams start. Hmm, must get back to ranting about other staff next week :)

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