Friday, June 18, 2004

Fabulous Friday And The Rainy Season

Why was it fabulous, well ITS FRIDAY INIT?

Another week survived so the whole pattern of going out on a Friday to the pub or staying in with a pizza to watch Aussie Rules or going down Nana or whatever and walk up with a hangover to do it again on Saturday to recover on Sunday and to turn up on Monday having done nothing except go get drunk, eat, sleep and recover from a hangover starts again.

Teaching wise, relatively calm except for 3.10 who were a bit rowdy. I moved the most talkative one from the desk the furthest away to the nearest one to control him and sat back to let the others finish off the assigned work. I caught one kid trying to steal a worksheet from the cupboards to one side of me and as usual he couldn't / wouldn't give a reason why he did it, just stood there like a tree swaying in the wind.

I don't know why, but it seems like Thai kids are absolutely incapable of actually standing straight on their own two feet. At the end of every day, the rooms broadcast prayers over the loudspeakers in the room and the kids are supposed to stand and say them. Getting themt o do that is a nightmare, they are packing up, moving their chairs, swaying, having one knee on a chair, elbows on the desks as though their body weight is so great that the legs cant physically support them. This happens even during the Kings song which is played on Friday after the prayer. If the Thai teachers, parents, head honchos etc saw that, I am sure they would batter the kids into next week for showing that level of disrespect. Or they could just blame the farang for not controlling the kids.

Anyway, it defiantly seems like the wet season is here with rain coming almost every day now for the last 10 days or so. Its brought a nice coolness to the weather but then its also brought out all the colds an flu viruses the kids love to pick up and pass on. As I speak, its battering it down outside so that's why I am here still in the school even though it finished almost an hour ago. Whets the sense in paying for the crappy internet connection at home when I can use this one for free?

Ok, hope you are enjoying some of this and chin chin or whatever it is and see you down the pub!

I also had the enjoyment of going down to the old immigration to extend my visa stamp so at least I managed to miss a P2 class that way.

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