Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Wishful Wednesday

Well, more of the same from the kids today. Very well behaved outside class.

Inside, same old story. I have got one kid that I have now had for 3 years and he is just as unteachable as he was when I first met him. Unfortunately, as he has got older, he has got cheekier and is really starting to answer back the little sod. I have tried every technique I have learned and quite a few that I have stolen from other teachers to get him to consistently behave. All have had limited or no success and unfortunately, I have now decided just to give in and write him off. He has been taking so much of my time away from the other kids, maybe about 15% of the lesson was telling him what to do, paying more attention to him, being nearer him to check what he is doing and so on.

Another cock up by the ever so efficient project manager, he has managed to copy the wrong tests for one group, so yet again they will be testing on things they have not yet taught ( unless he gets his finger out and gets new copies ordered quickish )

And talking of which, here's the latest character assassination.

The Project Manager.
In some ways, he is more Thai than a Thai. He doesn't like confrontation, arguments or anything that might make a fuss. Unfortunately ( that must be my word of the day today ) that includes doing things like hmmm, lets think now, I know! His job. He just cannot make decisions just in case he upsets anyone which actually makes more people upset as he just prevaricates on his arse all day.

The thing that makes it more fantastic - as in unbelievable - is that he is actually quite paranoid. Well, wouldn't you be if you have a history of sleeping round like he does. Last year, he claimed he slipped in the bathroom but it turns out he had been caught cheating by his girlfriend who had slashed him with a knife. One nice little scar on his cheek later and here we are again.

He also considers himself a bit of an intellectual, he actual wrote a book. But having read it, it comes over as an effort from some 6th year kid putting in as many big pretentious words as possible in some sort of order to sound deep.

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