Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Super Tuesday

Really? Well, hummm, no. Just another zzzzzzzz. Today is usally a quiet day for me anyway with only 3 periods to teach but with the practice for Wai Kru, I am teaching from 8.40 - 9.30am then 2.50 til 3.40pm. Which left me the chance to do lots.

Well, what did I do? umm, checked Ajarn.com wound a few conspiracy theorists up - aparently the World Trade Centre was demolished with controlled explosions and had nothing to do with the 2 planes full of fuel and hundreds of people inside them and then I jaunted way down Sukhimwit to the end of the line and beyond to get my electric shaver sorted.

My reliable old Braun has seen service for probably 10 years plus and not really given me any real problems but it as starting to sound like a lawnmower on a cold morning and teh battery wasnt holding any charge so, time for a service. Typically, the service centre is not open during the weekend. Which meant that depending on my timetable I possibly would never get it fixed there. But becaue of the long break I jaunted down there and in 30 minutes had a new battery installed which seems to have solved the problem. ( I will wait until I use it properly though for final judgement).

Anyway, teaching wise it all went relatively smoothly, but then with two classes in one day, it really should, shouldnt it.

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