Monday, June 21, 2004

Manic Monday

Well, survived another Monday and the five period hell that it is. Imagine, 5 periods on the trot with only a lunch hour to rest up with.

I know some teachers out there have more but too me they are just plain overworked or exploited or too stupid to see they are doing no one any favours. They cant be giving good lessons if they do more.

Ho hum, mid term testing is in a few weeks. In theory, it should be very easy to organise. I mean its only the first test from the back of the teachers book we are talking about, but the usual story, they ( the management ) try and make it as complex as possible. Mind you, last year they did manage to photocopy the wrong test, the result being we tested the kids on stuff we hadnt taught them yet, so maybe it is quite difficult !!!!

Anyway, instead of just making quick copies of the tests and giving them out to everyone, instead we have to individually troop into the office take the ( ONE ! ) copy of the teachers book make a photocopy and return it.


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