Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wonderful Wednesday

Ok, another lie. It wasnt that wonderful but in fact it was actually not bad. All the classes sort of behaved which is a step up considering I had 2 P2 classes today. I think maybe my going berserk at them last week worked.

One of the tools we have to try and control the kids is a mark sheet. Basically, for every class they are given a mark out of 10 and the best homeroom gets to put a pennant outside, WHOOO HOOO! Sometimes, the kids pay attention to a decreasing score sometimes they dont, there is no hard and fast rule on it. But today I saw for the first time ever ( I think ) a thai teacher had given a class a score of 0, ZERO. Go Teacher!

One of the problems we have is that sometimes our scores are either not included at all and ignored - seems to be especially when they are low, funny that. Sometimes they have been altered by the thai teachers to increase the score and obviously their face ie from a 3 to a 8, a 1 to a 7 and so on. Sometimes, if one of us forgets the sheet, the score is made up by the thai teacher.

This may sound a bit strange "if one of us..." but what happens is that between 5 teachers we split 2 home rooms. One home room = 50 kids, 2 home rooms = 100 divide by 5 teachers and tadaah! We arrive at our class sizes of 20 kids each.

Well, tomorrow is Wai Kru day so I will get the old digi camera out and take a few pictures and shove them on my web site. I may be a bit paranoid but I dont really want to show them here, yet. ( I will wait until I leave or am fired or just want revenge or am in a foul mood or something )

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