Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Wicked Wednesday

OK, I missed a day, so shoot me.

Tuesday. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nothing much happened so probably just as well I didnt post anything.

Wednesday, well I think its about time I started introducing sorry I mean slagging off some of the teachers here. Some of tehm are real PRATS and need to be taken out and shot or at least sent to teach English in Iraq - which lets face it, means about the same thing these days.

OK, whos first. Lets have elderly repressed gay (or bi) yank. Lets see, this guy is left of centre and anti Bush and then he flips into full nazi mode. He cant decide what he is, left or right wing. Even mention politics and you get a rant about how his country screwed him and now he cant get a job because he is white over 40 not disabled and all the jobs are going to Hispanics and women and .... you get the picture. The funny thing is that he has been spotted putting his profile on dating sites here looking for boys with " submissive bottoms" and being in a gay bar with his arm round a thai guy but he still puts a face on that hes just a normal straight guy.

Hmm. Anyway, he always walks like hes just been shafted all night the previous night. If he just came out he would be much better off but now its just a bit of a joke round the office about him and his boys.

As a teacher, he just basically yells at the boys "you will respect your teacher!' or "shut up" fat chance. He did this with Prathom 1 boys last year, as if they would understand any of it.

Now, you may think given my rant last week at some of my lot I am a bit hypocrictical, and I suppose to certain extent I am, but I still am nowhere near as bad as him. He walks to class banging his metal rulers against his hardback folder or against his thigh in an effort to look tough and strict but in the end all that happens is that the boys know its only a little noise and laugh at him.

Just now he is annoying a lot of other teachers as he is gettign the kids running around and screaming in the line ups when everyone else is trying to calm the kids down. Also he "forgot" about 2 classes he had - not extra ones, the normal regular ones that have been his since the beginning of term and are on the cover of his folder that eh carries everywhere. He is really bugging me at the moment as he keeps on going through the stuff on my desk, taking materials I have prepared and photocopying them to use in his own class. I wouldnt mind if he asked or told me but he doesnt and that just makes me see him as a little weasel.

Anyway, offwork now. I have to laugh at the various ministerial decrees and pronouncments that are made from time to time. One of the latest being that "we have to protect the public from pornogrpahy on public display" Ok, fair enough I say, its right that adult material shoudl be kept away from kids etc. But remember this is Thailand where pictures of dead bodies are regularly on the front page of newspapers and on tv. A few weeks ago, two policemen in the South approached a motorike with a bomb in it. Unfortunately, the bomb explded killing the two men. And guess what, the tv cameras were there and the entire clip was shown on the news with graphic pictures the next day.

Also, just across from the school is a video shop, the last few weeks they have been doing a big in store promotion for Kill Bill vol 1. This meant showing the video constantly all day. If you have seen it, you know Kill Bill is really violent, really violent. And they are quiet happy to show all of it all day opposite a school but pictures of naked people DANGER, DANGER!!!!

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