Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tedious Tuesday

Well, for some reason all the P2s behaved far better today for some reason.

I suspect they got a bollocking from their teachers as walking the kids up the stairs to the classroom yesterday the head of year encountered the group and they were their usual noisy self not walking in any semblance of order. Now before you say, well that's your job, we do try and keep them in order but you can have them lined up in a perfect 2 line order and walk them 15 yards and they will be spread out over the whole 15 yards area in lines of 1,2,3,4 or not having noticed the line moved at all. Anyhoo, she barked a single word at them and suddenly they all shut up instantly and got back into lines.

This morning we got a request from our project manager to keep them in order. Huh? Well, of course we don't try we just let them loose to run around however they want. And today, as I said, they were far better behaved than before. At the end of the lesson I tried to tell my P2s they were good during the lesson and they should do this every lesson, unfortunately, they were too busy reverting back to type and not listening to do any good.

Also we are no longer supposed to keep them back after school if the last lesson of the day is bad. That means, we are not supposed to keep them late during the afternoon break, for lunch or after school and we cant keep them late inbetween as they have other classes to go to. The methods of punishment available are dwindling to almost zero.

We have a Thai "consultant" who comes in and talks to the kids if we feel they are bad. But this is worse than useless as one teachers had him in and it turns out, he told them if they were good they would get sweets! That's a typical Thai solution, don't get them to change their basic behaviour or show us any more respect. Just bribe the little shots! Call me stupid, but why should we reward them for doing something they should be doing in the first place? Reward for extra effort or improvement but not for doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Having a huge hole 10.35 - 2.50 in my timetable on Tuesdays is a bit of a bind in some ways but it does let me go and do stuff during the day when its a bit less busy and catch up on the internet.

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LDMA said...

Today was reduced hours Tuesday....we just got a new teacher who we off-loaded all our shittiest classes onto hehehe....down to a nice round 17 periods per week....